A personal clinic is you and/or a few friends with you and is a minimum 2 hour session. If you'd like to set up a personalized clinic for yourself or including a few friends please contact Mark!

Contact Mark: 801-400-3487

I attended the Mark Moffitt Horsemanship Clinic this past Saturday. It was held at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. I really enjoyed the clinic
and learned a lot. Mark taught us drills or exercises designed to help us advance our riding skills while teaching our horses.  A couple of the drills, I was familiar with, and had used them occasionally.  I didn't get very good results with them, so I had abandoned them.   Atthis
clinic, as Mark taught us those drills, I learned that I have been doing them wrong.  Once I began doing them correctly;  I saw and felt results in my horse and myself right away.  I liked the variation in Mark's teaching methods; one on one and as a group.  There was no wasted time.  I felt at ease  asking any question, and got a clear answer each time. Our class was made up of a variety of horses and riders who were all at different levels of training and experience. Mark would take each rider and horse and "customize" the lesson for them. Much like I would imagine that he would do with
any horse in his program.  He also demonstrated exercises or drills on various  horses, all in different levels of training to help us learn the progression.  Mark pointed out to me some riding mistakes I am making, suggested some tack modifications, and some tips to help me to be a more effective rider.  I needed to get out of a training and riding "rut", and attending this clinic has certainly helped me with that.  It has been 3 days and I am stiff in places I have not been, and not sore in places that have tended to get sore.  My mare and filly are responding to the neck rein more, and their circles are becoming round!  Mark is patient, professional, and skilled at training horses and people.  I am glad that I went, and look forward to learning more. ~Becky Gasser

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A group clinic is a minimum 15 people and minimum 4 hour session. Clinics can be topic focused such as body control, horsemanship, ranch sorting, performance, etc. If you'd like to set up a group clinic please contact Mark for details!

Contact Mark: 801-400-3487

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