About Mark Moffitt

Mark has been training horses for the past fifteen years.  In 2010 Mark had the privilege of meeting Al Dunning then enrolled as one of the first participants in Al Dunning's Accreditation program, Team AD International. He completed his accreditation in the spring of 2013 and is one of five accredited trainers through Team AD.

Mark specializes in training performance Ranch Sorting horses and Reining Cow Horses. Mark competes in various associations involving these two specific disciplines. His current training facility is located in Spanish Fork, UT.

Mark's goal for MJM Performance Horses is to take what he has learned and is continuing to learn to help his clients achieve their horsemanship, performance, competitive goals and to produce top performance horses.


"I've had a couple different horses in training with Mark. He has a great ability to put a soft handle on a young horse and has the patience and experience to soften up an older horse. If your looking for someone to put a good handle on your horse and really get them listening to leg pressure and seat control, Mark would be a great choice. He is passionate about his profession and I always felt confident that he was investing a significant amount of time with each horse. Mark's training program extends beyond the horse, he is also able to evaluate the horsemanship abilities of the rider and provide constructive feedback to help the rider get the most out of each horse. Mark is also a great choice if you are interested in being exposed to Ranch Sorting and advancing in cow work events." ~Nate

"Mark is a professional in the way he handles horses, I have never seen him mistreat a horse under his care. He is patient and consistent in his training methods. I always see remarkable improvement in my horses when Mark has been working with them, not only in their response to a rider but in their confidence and interaction with people. I appreciate Mark’s ethics in dealing with his clients, he is honest in his assessment of a horses abilities and their potential. I know my horses are ridden consistently and their training is specifically focused to their individual level and needs."  ~Jonna